Gronk’s charisma and fun-loving personality have created opportunities for him to carve a new professional life in the entertainment industry.

He wouldn’t be heading there hat-in-hand, either. Gronkowski wrote in 2015 that he hadn’t spent a dime of his football salary, instead using money from endorsements to pay for a lifestyle that is obviously comfortable but not overly luxurious by NFL standards.

Besides his regular-season accomplishments, Gronkowski is the most prolific tight end in postseason history. He padded those stats against Philadelphia with nine catches for 116 yards and two second-half touchdowns.

The abnormal intelligence of new Lions coach Matt Patricia, who has a bachelor’s degree in aeronautical engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in New York, is well-documented. But perhaps Patriots coach Bill Belichick captured his now former defensive coordinator’s aptitude best in 2015.

“This guy could probably build a plane and fly it,” Belichick told NESN.

In a way, that’s what Patricia will be doing in Detroit. The 43-year-old’s first NFL head coaching job presents an opportunity for him to construct and lead a contender for a franchise that has not won a playoff game in more than 27 years. And there’s reason to believe Patriciaget the Lions flying at maximum altitude soon.

Browner went on several (profane) Instagram rants Monday to criticize the move.

Man, Bill wasn’t right at all tonight, man. I ain’t know how to feel watching that s— without my man, without my homie, without Malcolm. I didn’t know whether to cheer for they ass. Feel me … That dude has started every game for that team. Feel me. Since he picked the f—ing ball off and he was taking on their number one dude at that.

That s— was some power trip shit, feel me? Like to prove a point. They felt like they had the quarterback to do it with. We don’t need you as a cornerback. Man, you play every game of the season but the Super Bowl. I can’t rock with that. That was a bulls— ass call. That was a bulls— ass decision. That was a power trip.

You divide the locker room when you do that. Motherf—ers find out [when] a n— ain’t playing before the game. You divide the locker room. Cats says they rocking with Malcolm and cats say they rocking with the coach’s decision.bills_029

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