The Titans took down the Jaguars 15-10 Sunday, locking up their first playoff appearance in the Marcus Mariota era.

“I’m still working,” Caldwell told reporters. “If there was something changed, I wouldn’t be standing here. Right? Still working.

“I don’t make any excuses,” he added. “It’s just not the way I live my life. So we go out, we do what we do and we’ll make an assessment from there. The real assessment is wins and losses. That’s the key.

Because of Quinn’s ties to the Patriots, with whom he spent 16 seasons, the Lions are expected to pursue Patriots defensive coordinator Matt Patricia to replace Caldwell.

“My preference is to hire the best coach to help us win a championship,” Quinn said. “I’m going out to find the best coach.

“As long as Bortles is back there, if the ballgame is in his hands, he’s going to choke,” Casey told 104.5 The Zone in Nashville Tuesday, via ESPN.

However, when Casey’s comments drew headlines, he later clarified that he was merely trying to get his teammates fired up for a rematch:

Bortles finished the game 15 of 34 passing for 158 yards with two interceptions. In two games against the Titans this season Bortles threw one touchdown to four interceptions.

Tennessee won the two matchups by a combined score of 52-26, and while those two wins were not enough to earn them the AFC South titile, it was more than enough to give the Titans the right to talk some smack.

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