Ryder Pfau gave South Fork an early lead draining two 3-pointers early the first quarter and finished with 7 total points.

And when Adam Schefter reported the bungled deal, the Browns looked a lot worse. I am left with this thought: I do not see how, unless there’s a reversal of play by the Browns down the stretch of this season, owners Jimmy and Dee Haslam are going to let all front-office members return in 2018. This non-trade is a major disgrace, even by the standards of the Browns.

While the Chiefs offense struggled without their leading receiver, the Titans (10-7) opened the second half with a 15-play, 91-yard drive that ended with Marcus Mariota completing a 6-yard touchdown pass to himself.

The Chiefs (10-7) couldn’t put the Titans away as Kareem Hunt, who led the NFL in rushing, was limited to just 41 yards on 10 carries by Tennessee’s fourth-ranked rush defense.

The Chiefs thought they had a game-winning score late as Derrick Johnson picked up an apparent Henry fumble and returned it for a touchdown. But Henry was clearly down and then ripped off a 22-yard run two plays later to seal the win. The Titans offensive line dominated Kansas City’s defensive front in the second half and Tennessee controlled the clock during the comeback.

Make no mistake, though: When Stefon left Maryland as a junior and declared in each of his interviews at the 2015 NFL scouting combine, “I’m the best receiver in this draft, just so you know”—that wasn’t just Aron talking. This cocksuredness comes as much from Stephanie, who was in Tampa last January to watch Trevon play for the CFP championship when she ran into Ravens general manager Ozzie Newsome. “You didn’t pick my son,” she blurted out. “They should fire your ass!”

The truth: Even the Vikings weren’t quite sure what they had after drafting Diggs in the fifth round. His time at Maryland had been marked by instability under center (he caught passes from multiple QBs every season, including from a true freshman converted linebacker one year); freak injuries (a broken right leg in 2013, a lacerated kidney in ’14); bursts of magic (among the witnesses to his 100-yard opening kickoff return against Virginia as a freshman was Vikings GM Rick Spielman); and vague murmurs about his immaturity. “His reputation was that he could be off the reservation,” says Minnesota coach Mike Zimmer, “that you were going to have to kick him in the butt.”

But as it turns out, those 25 seconds were more than enough. Case Keenum hit Stefon Diggs for a 61-yard touchdown, and the Vikings escaped with a 29-24 victory — a victory that didn’t end up coming down to a heartbreaking field goal.patriots_380_76467b46d578ec01-180x180

Steelers OC Todd Haley injured hip after reported altercation outside of Pittsburgh bar

Offensive coordinator Todd Haley hasn’t been able to join the rest of the Steelers as they spend this first-round bye getting ready for the Divisional round of the playoffs. Haley is recovering from a hip injury he sustained outside of a Pittsburgh bar on New Year’s Eve.

The team confirmed on Tuesday that Haley suffered an injury, though it did not share specifics. The Steelers don’t expect Haley to be sidelined for long.

The play is designed to pick on an unblocked edge defender. The quarterback reads the defender and tries to send the ball where that player isn’t. On this play, that’s No. 51 for Kansas City, Zombo.

Most typically, the running back goes one direction, and the quarterback holds the ball into his belly while watching an outside linebacker on the other side of the formation. If the linebacker (or a defensive end) crashes toward the running back, the QB pulls the ball and runs. If he doesn’t, the QB gives the running back the ball, and the offense is supposed to have a numbers advantage on a zone run. That’s because instead of blocking that “read” defender, an offensive tackle has moved to help the running back.

Now, Bengals fans are paying it forward with donations to Jaguars quarterback Blake Bortles’ charity, the BB5 Foundation, for ending the hated Steelers’ season. The donations were initiated by Cincinnati radio host Mo Egger and have grown to more than $5,000, according to First Coast News in Jacksonville.

Maikel Franco showed signs of coming out of his slump, going 2-for-4 and providing the only offense for the home team with a solo home run the fourth inning but the Brewers kept the Phillies the loss column with a 4 defeat.Our superior room mixes modern décor, ergonomic comfort and high end room facilities such as 1 Bed, private bathroom, LCD TV, internet access, work desk.Unfortunately, the Pistons have been rebuilding for quite a while now, relying entirely on Gundy to drag the team back into contention.Lidstrom was eleven-time All- across 20 seasons.

Baquet also asked Jay-Z about his views on political activism in the NBA and NFL. Baquet asked Jay-Z whether he felt the NBA was more politically active than the NFL, and Jay-Z said he did.

Patriots feud rumors create hornet’s nest for playoff opponents in New England

Anybody who thinks an alleged Bill Belichick-Tom Brady-Robert Kraft feud will distract the Patriots and impact their playoff chances should consider this: During a conference call with Tennessee reporters, Belichick, when asked about the Titans, gave an incredibly detailed answer in which he talked about half the roster by name, including six special teams players.

So much for the New England head coach and his staff overlooking their divisional playoff opponent. And rest assured that Patriots players, led by the always-prepared Brady, will be in playoff mode starting Saturday night in Foxborough.

The team is putting less of emphasis on guarding the 3-point shot.Playing up how other teams ‘t give him credit etc etc, dude isn’t even the best TE on his team, much less the league jxt2521 says: Feb 6 5 PM It was a great interview.According to NFL Network’s Daniel , is a phenomenal athlete with all the tools to be elite player at his position.DeVos has her work cut out.

The only person capable of catching Brady in MVP voting might be Steelers wideout Antonio Brown—and guess where New England goes next with a pair of cornerbacks that seem to be struggling once again?

Thousands of officers will flood the city, some decked out in SWAT gear, others roaming undercover, and hundreds more patrolling in regular uniform.

The coverage is a cross between Santa Clara’s coverage in 2016, which received some criticism for its high visibility, and Houston’s in 2017, which was more undercover.

According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, Smith has spent much of the 2017 season tending to his wife while she undergoes treatments in Arizona.

Smith has been the general manager for the franchise since 2006 and was elevated to an additional role as executive vice president in 2012. His leave of absence comes after a difficult 4-12 season for the Texans that brought rumors of a “toxic” relationship between Smith and coach Bill O’Brien.

With reports that one or both were in danger of getting fired, NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport said one possible solution was for Smith to take a position within the franchise out of football operations and ceding more roster control to O’Brien.

Leonard Fournette leaves Jaguars game vs. Steelers with ankle injury

Jaguars running back Leonard Fournette left their game against the Steelers with an injury to his right foot. The Jaguars’ training staff examined Fournette on the sideline and walked him back to the locker room in the second quarter.

Luckily for the Jaguars, Fournette came out warming up with the team for the second half, and is expected to play in the third quarter.

This season, Kelce had 83 receptions for 1,038 yards and eight touchdowns. He was second only to Tyreek Hill in yards receiving and first in receiving touchdowns.

It’s not Kelce’s first concussion this season. In October, he suffered a hit to the head against the Texans and initially remained in the game. But after a second evaluation, he would be removed from the game.

If you ever find yourself in Alvin Kamara’s apartment, one of the first things that will happen is that you will be offered an Airhead. Just open the bottom drawer in the kitchen, he says.

It’s about four hours after practice ended on Friday and Kamara is hanging out on his couch with Antonio Morgan (DJ Tonee if you’re from Atlanta), who flew in for the Saints-Falcons game on Sunday. The two have been friends since Kamara was in 6th grade. When Kamara is asked what has changed in his life this year, the year that everything seems to have changed, Morgan answers for him.

At 1 a.m., he piles into an eight-seat Mercedes Sprinter to fit his 13-person crew and heads to the club. The van pulls up to the front, and Kamara leads the way inside, turning around frequently to make sure everyone gets through the velvet ropes. He weaves through the crowd, frequently being stopped for pictures and well wishes, arriving in his section at 2 a.m. But within minutes he leaves the club, abruptly.

The Falcons will have their hands full with the Rams first, but they match up with them well offensively and defensively. They’re not going anywhere else if they don’t win there, but you can bet it will be played at the level of the NFC championship already being at stake.

The marquee names in the NFC may be largely absent this year (no Cowboys, Packers, Seahawks or Giants from last January, for example), but a showdown like this will do just fine. The LA Coliseum has not hosted an NFL playoff game since 1994, and the Rams have not played a postseason game there since 1979 … seven years before coach Sean McVay was born.

Enough subplots for you on that side? The Falcons led the Super Bowl by 25 points last year. (Yeah, you probably didn’t forget.) They had to win their way in last week against the Panthers, or else put an exclamation point on a Super Bowl hangover that would have devoured their offseason.giants_102

We want to play as well as we can for the fans that are going to be there to support us.

Clement has a strong track record of success with the NFL in recent years, having achieved successful resolutions in the lockout case (against Olson), the concussion case (a favorable NFL settlement) and recent wins in discipline cases concerning Tom Brady and Ezekiel Elliott.

A ruling in Christie v. NCAA (whose names will change to Murphy v. NCAA in January when the new Governor is sworn in) may come as early as February or as late as June. If pressed to hazard an informed call, I would predict a 6-3 judgment in favor of New Jersey. Whether it will be more sweeping and allow for all states to follow suit, in keeping with the theme here, I would put the odds of that at 50/50.

He walks the good line of having a lot of confidence and being very teachable,” the ex-Met told The Post.That was the kind of lucky break that has eluded the Flyers much of the .Zach Parise to the New Jersey Devils.1 offensive weapon 2012, lining up out wide as a WR or -line as a traditional TE, and was the type of target defensive coordinators had to game plan against.Liles was another Bruins player who ran hot and cold during the .

That was real tough for me, said.And Verner is certain his dad was with him when the Bucs cornerback played one of the best games of his career just 48 hours after Verner died of a heart attack at 61.McCullers played about as much over the final 10 of 2015 as he did 2014, and he was mostly just a subpackage, situational, specialized player.

Heidi Rhodes drove more than four hours from Virginia to be here with friends and family, in a Heinz Field tailgate lot less than two hours before the Steelers and Patriots meet in the most anticipated regular-season game of 2017. She is a teacher who may or may not have made a bet with her students about the outcome of the game (a Pittsburgh loss could force her into Patriots gear on Monday). She guessed she could have sold these tickets and paid for all the Christmas presents she bought this year, but did not think twice.

Her son played Division I lacrosse, another high impact sport that carries the risk of head and neck injuries. There were games, she says, when her son did not remember coming off the field. She was watching on TV when Shazier went down and immediately thought of his family and child.

I ‘t look at social media and ‘t really turn on the TV during the week.It doesn’t need Bosa to put gas its tank.His past proves that this could go any number of ways, all we can do is wait.Check out the chart below: Wilkins has a mission life to encourage those who have been hurt or broken to Live Life with a Purpose by helping them realize that they are special and HAVE a reason to live.While it was not the ambien alone that did Seau , it did allow Seau to get refills without talking to a internal medicine, family medicine or psych doctor about his issues and why he needed the ambien.

While the coach was waiting for an elevator, a Chiefs fan in a red Tamba Hali jersey walked up to the coach to tell him good luck.

The relationships Gruden built with the quarterbacks on the show extended later into the careers of some, with a handful of starting quarterbacks from across the league making clandestine visits to the strip mall office Gruden rented and dubbed the headquarters of the FFCA—the Fired Football Coaches Association.

Gruden was well-suited for the television lifestyle, using the time he would’ve spent hunkered down at a team facility as a head coach with his young sons instead. He coached his son’s high school football team, attended youth football games and made up for lost time with his family.”The key issue here is the intent to injure provision of NHL Rule 40.Instead, he led the Cowboys to 15 unanswered points with two touchdown passes and a two-point run.Scored game-high 27 points to go with 10 rebounds for his seventh double-double of the year on 12-of-18 shooting win over VMI on Feb.

Sprong, RW : Charlottetown is red-hot the QMJHL and Sprong has been a big reason.Jones later lamented the failure to get Seattle’s pick at No.I felt good calling plays for him, I know that.Additionally, Wyche be Baltimore afternoon at M&T Bank Stadium when the Silver and Black take on the Ravens.

For me, it’s not close: PPR leagues for sure, and I always write this column based on your league being a PPR one.But the job paid better than he expected, and when a nightclub management company offered Keys a job opening clubs across the Midwest, he couldn’t refuse.It’s always said that A is the level where weaknesses really start to be exploited, and my take on it is far, it doesn’t seem like pitchers are taking advantage of him.At worst, Hobson thinks could miss one or two to start the season.is now anthem filled with love and familiarity.

Turns out, obviously, Beane knew what he was doing. The Bills are in the playoffs, and they’re one of the two big power-brokers (with Cleveland) in the April draft. But for now, draft, schmaft. For too long, the draft has been the high point of the first eight months of the NFL calendar year in Buffalo. Not this year.

“I never lost hope,” Incognito said.

Pause. “Can I tell you one story Kyle tells? I won’t be that good at it, but here’s the short version. Two brothers, out pounding a big rock with a big hammer, trying to break it up. One brother pounds it, pounds it, day after day after day. He gives up. Then one day his brother goes out. The first swing he hits the rock and it breaks. You just keep pounding. You never know when it’ll be the hit that breaks the rock.”

But you never know; on New Year’s Eve, with a temperature of 2 degrees, after midnight … wouldn’t there be better, and warmer places to be?

Every year I hear the field for GMs and coaches is thin, and every year I laugh.

The Packers hired Ron Wolf as GM in late 1991. No competition for him. Green Bay’s been a league power for the quarter-century since. The Steelers hired Chuck Noll as head coach in 1969. No competition for him. The Steelers have been a league power for most of the 48 years since. Pick the right quarterback, and you usually have a chance to be a great coach or GM.

There’s no hurry on the GM search. There’s a rule in GM searches, by the way, which I didn’t see mentioned Monday. Teams cannot raid staffs of other teams until the season of the prospective GM’s team is over. So if the Giants fall in love with Nick Caserio, the Patriots’ director of player personnel, and New England makes the Super Bowl, Caserio can’t be hired untiul Feb. 5, the day after the Super Bowl … which would stunt the search for a coach and perhaps leave the Giants far behind the teams that choose coaches after the season. But, and this is a big but, I do not think that should affect what the Giants do. If they think an executive for one of the best teams this year is The Man, wait for him.

I’d talk to Dave Gettleman, the fired Carolina GM who had some good days picking players for the Panthers; he turns 67 in February, so that could be a factor. Dorsey’s highly respected by scouts. A day with him will be a good learning experience. And Accorsi would surely know Marc Ross, the college scouting czar of the Giants.

Atmosphere was great, said after his first home game.It’s on me.However, declining contract rates have made his low on-base percentage too damaging to teams.He fought for our freedom, Fulton said of .Odds of making the roster: He brings versatility, having played all three interior line positions at some point the last year.

I am happy for .There aren’t a lot of guys coming through the draft year after year, Seahawks coach said.JL: Excluding corners out of the slot, like the Tyrann Mathieus of the world, where do you think you ranked as far as our overall outside CB grades?And having them .http: internship.php Prev Next A dessert lover’s destination, Sweet was recently the news for having challenged New chef Dominique Ansel as laying claim to the invention of the cronut.

Is only player on Canada to have played a previous World Cup.It was like he was cut out of a rock.Both Redding and McAfee are tremendous influences the community and are deserving of these recognitions.He spent some time a walking boot and admitted to being overaggressive his rehabilitation and suffered a setback.Reduced thioredoxin is generated by a Trx reductase; a structure of the E.

The hip-hop mogul has a strong history as a profitable businessman and is reportedly moving forward in his quest to purchase the team.

When the Panthers announced Sunday that Jerry Richardson would put the team up for sale, one of the first people to express interest was Sean “Diddy” Combs.

Combs is trying to put together an ownership group that could include former 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick, Yahoo Sports reported Tuesday.

“The interest is real and it’s moving forward,” a Yahoo source said of Combs and Kaepernick working together. “They want to make this a reality. It’s serious.”

The Panthers announced Friday they were conducting an internal investigation into workplace misconduct allegations against Richardson. That investigation was quickly taken over by the NFL and a Sports Illustrated report on Sunday revealed disturbing details.

According to the report, at least four former Panthers employees have received “significant” monetary settlements as a result of inappropriate workplace conduct by Richardson, including “sexually suggestive language and behavior, and on at least one occasion directing a racial slur at an African-American Panthers scout.”

Bogdanovic actually has a better PER than Kilpatrick , but Bogdanovic also severely struggles on defense.Keep it Clean.Marian Studenic and Petti also scored.Ferguson signed as undrafted free agent from Illinois this , but the Colts reportedly gave him a large signing bonus for undrafted player and contemplated taking him the late rounds.Caught two passes for 41 yards, including a 29-yard touchdown …

He played 43 – more than half the game – including 11 the 20-minute overtime period.He should be able to mature and learn from his mistakes, just as did through his development, and come out a tough competitor with the skills to one day tend goal at the NHL level.Bonner is 36-years old and considered old by standards.He needs to chill now though because eventually those fines start becoming expensive and they do start turning into suspensions.Keefe & Davey talk about their trip to NorthEast Comic Con, including interviews with a handful of characters who were attendance.

It took him a couple years before he came to the National Hockey League, Armalis said.Sometimes ?you just stop complaining.Time is ticking though.I’ve been hit the elbow, the head, and the shoulder a lot.RG Colon played after missing the Dolphins game with a knee injury.I want to say it’s not weird, because we all have a mutual respect for each other, he said.

Foles’ lone playoff experience came in that Saints game. He went 23-of-33 for 195 yards with two touchdowns and no interceptions.

Foles led the team back from a 20-7 deficit and put the Eagles ahead on a TD pass to tight end Zach Ertz late in the fourth quarter, only to see Drew Brees & Co. march down the field for a game-winning field goal as time expired.

“I saw a guy that stood in there, took some shots in that game, delivered some great throws in that game, and led the team back to at least the go-ahead touchdown late in the game,” said Pederson, “and that’s the type of quarterback that we have.”

After the powerhouse that is Ohio State, no single college football team have imprint on the 2016 NFL Draft as much as Notre Dame.Armstrong’s troops led the League some key categories such as kickoff return average , opponents starting field position on kickoffs, overall opponent field position , opponent’s field goal percentage and fewest penalties .F Dunda, formerly Plymouth F Zach , Omaha , Michigan Tech commit F Llewellyn , Kitchener F Tom Marchin, , Muskegon F Cullen Mercer, Plymouth F Merl, Muskegon D Rostagno , Amarillo , Michigan Tech commit D Zac Tierney, Cornwall , Ferris State commit G Edwin Minney, Michigan State G Schierhorn, Muskegon.A 2005 article pointed out that he has been unjustly neglected by academia, the case of philosophy almost totally .But it hit a dry spot and came back.ABOUT THE TIMBERWOLVES : Thibodeau has been critical of his team’s effort on the defensive end all – regularly calling out the best players on his team for their lack of performance on that end – and brought Stephenson to give the team edge.However, we all know that McCourty, Jordan Richards, and Duron Harmon also time the backfield.Ambassador John Bolton is 68.

Somebody had to stand up!I think everybody wants a second at anything, Berhe said.After graduating from San Jose State University 2014, he began working full-time corporate marketing and blogging on various sports websites.9 win over Michigan : Highlights from the Dec.New is New .Brinkley started nine games for the Giants last .It’s a rare skill-set, no matter the level of play.

“We were looking at Khris and Giannis,” Kidd said. “We had two options and Malcolm was the safety. We knew they were going to switch, we just didn’t make the right read.”

Bucks: Milwaukee assigned F Jabari Parker to their G-League team, the Wisconsin Herd. Parker, who also practiced with the Herd last month, has not played this season as he recovers from left knee surgery. … Brogdon had 15 points. … Dellavedova had a season-high 10 assists.

Raptors: Lowry holds the Raptors record for points in a quarter, scoring 22 in the fourth during a win at Atlanta on Dec. 2, 2015. … Toronto has won nine straight against Eastern Conference opponents.

The Titans took down the Jaguars 15-10 Sunday, locking up their first playoff appearance in the Marcus Mariota era.

“I’m still working,” Caldwell told reporters. “If there was something changed, I wouldn’t be standing here. Right? Still working.

“I don’t make any excuses,” he added. “It’s just not the way I live my life. So we go out, we do what we do and we’ll make an assessment from there. The real assessment is wins and losses. That’s the key.

Because of Quinn’s ties to the Patriots, with whom he spent 16 seasons, the Lions are expected to pursue Patriots defensive coordinator Matt Patricia to replace Caldwell.

“My preference is to hire the best coach to help us win a championship,” Quinn said. “I’m going out to find the best coach.

“As long as Bortles is back there, if the ballgame is in his hands, he’s going to choke,” Casey told 104.5 The Zone in Nashville Tuesday, via ESPN.

However, when Casey’s comments drew headlines, he later clarified that he was merely trying to get his teammates fired up for a rematch:

Bortles finished the game 15 of 34 passing for 158 yards with two interceptions. In two games against the Titans this season Bortles threw one touchdown to four interceptions.

Tennessee won the two matchups by a combined score of 52-26, and while those two wins were not enough to earn them the AFC South titile, it was more than enough to give the Titans the right to talk some smack.

If coach Alain Vigneault likes what he sees from Stoll on the wing, Stoll also can add value with his ability to kill penalties and slide a take a big face-off.Seguin was sent home from the World Cup of Hockey this past Wednesday due to an injury that became too much to bear.That would be a problem for the Bruins and Sweeney would need to find some wiggle room to make it work.I did a lot of running.was swapped for Villanova University’s Foye, who had been drafted one spot behind by the Boston Celtics, and then moved a multiplayer deal to Portland, before going to the Timberwolves exchange for .OBJ intentionally launched himself at a guys helmet.It’s tough, tough duty., here comes the big question: Will they stay at three?lions_046