Tom Brady in this early window is a real challenge

In three years as Cal’s starter, Goff went 0-13 against top-25 opponents and 0-9 against in-state rivals USC, UCLA and Stanford. Goff has the rest of his professional career to determine his legacy as a quarterback, but Rosen can separate himself in the comparison as the better college quarterback with wins in marquee games.

This is an early start for the Chargers on the east coast, which is tough. They are playing better, especially on defense. But facing Tom Brady Jersey in this early window is a real challenge. The Patriots are better now on defense, which will slow the Chargers. Pats take it.

SDSU uses Goedert in the slot, as a tradition in-line tight end, or in an off-set position. His blocking skills have improved a great deal — “I don’t mind getting my face dirty,” he says — but Schleusner finds him more valuable downfield. According to Eidsness, the coaching staff has somewhat tailored the offense around him.

“We do a lot of the RPOs (run-pass option plays) because if we send him downfield, that’s better than having him block,” Schleusner says. “Because if we send him vertical, two guys might go with him, whereas even if he blocks and dominates his man, that’s still only one man.”

Despite looming bad weather on game day, tailgating is still in full effect on Jackrabbit Avenue a couple of blocks from the on-campus, 17,000-capacity stadium. Storefront windows are painted in SDSU blue and yellow and the dismal conditions can’t dampen local excitement.

Rosen’s already earned a spot in college football lore with the hot tub in the dorm room, his honest and outspoken views on education and athletics and general comfort with himself in the spotlight. He’s even already got one top-25 win that Goff didn’t have, knocking off No. 17 Utah late in the 2015 season.

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