The Pittsburgh Steelers couldn’t have played Martavis Bryant on Sunday like nothing happened.

It goes against what they purport themselves to be as an organization.

Bryant, who has been unproductive on the field and a headache the rest of the time, told Pittsburgh media that he was told he won’t play on Sunday against the Detroit Lions, via Jeremy Fowler of Bryant was with the scout team in practice on Wednesday, according to Fowler.

Perhaps the Steelers could change their minds by Sunday, but it seems unlikely. If Steelers coach Mike Tomlin ignored all the issues Bryant has caused the past couple weeks, he’d risk losing the locker room.

Indeed, the minister’s recommendation proved to come straight from the heavens. But doing it at an FCS school and in the NFL are two very different things.

Scouts wonder how Goedert will react when he’s dropped into an NFL training camp environment, with 90 grown men battling like piranhas for one of 53 roster spots.

The skill has paid football dividends, as Goedert has remarkable balance to absorb contact after the catch and shake free from tackles.

“The 6-footer is always the top attraction in a parade,” he said. “It’s pretty cool.”

That flare for showmanship has its roots. Goedert’s paternal grandfather, Clayton, used to walk around on his hands in nearby Veblen, often and well enough that a traveling circus came through and tried to recruit him. But the Goedert family tree is loaded with athletes, not just acrobats.tigers_050-115x115