Bill Belichick gushes about Philip Rivers, compares him to Tom Brady, Peyton Manning

The Los Angeles Chargers will travel to New England this weekend to take on the Patriots, Tom Brady and a huge fan of Philip Rivers. That fan? Patriots coach Bill Belichick.

Belichick often refuses to say much when he’s asked questions about things he does not want to talk about. But on Wednesday, Belichick apparently wanted to talk about Rivers, who he compared to Brady and Peyton Manning — arguably the two greatest quarterbacks in NFL history.

“I got to know him a little bit out there [at the Pro Bowl after the 2006 season] and he has a real thirst for knowledge. Not that there is a lot of scheme at the Pro Bowl, I’m not saying that. It’s one coverage, but the conversations lead beyond that, how to attack different schemes and so forth.

He’s been just as unassuming ever since, fun-loving, and with seemingly zero sense of entitlement. Working from walk-on to full scholarship in three percentage tiers has a way of keeping anyone humble.

“I went back home for a football game last year and all the kids were lined up wanting to take pictures with me and sign their stuff,” Goedert said. “They were giving me T-shirts to sign, their phones to sign, and I’m asking if their moms are OK with it. I’m wondering if I’m gonna be in the paper the next day for vandalizing people’s phones.”

Besides a sense of humor, there’s a confidence about him, even a little ego, but not too much.

He knows he’s good, but he’s still learning just how good, and so is the NFL.

Amari Cooper figures to benefit from his 210-yard and two touchdown performance against the the Chiefs. But is his catch rating going to be moving up? He was targeted 19 times. He caught 11 of them. There were times where he still looked like Sinjin Smith out there on the football field. But overall, you can’t deny his performance on the field.

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